What are Emergency Restoration Services?

Water Damage. Water all over floor in hall way. Emergency Restoration ServicesWhen an unplanned event brings disaster to your home, you’ll need to act fast to reduce the damage. Bringing your home back to life is what emergency restoration services are all about.

Types of emergencies

An emergency is considered any unexpected occurrence that creates damage and stress. When it comes to your home, that can happen in many different ways, such as:

Fire damage

A fire in your home can cause a significant amount of damage. Smoke and soot can leave a nasty odour and appearance on your walls. They can also cause health hazards that pose a serious risk to your health. Whether the fire was in one room or several rooms, emergency restoration services are essential. We can safely remove any damaged items and try to salvage some. Restoration services begin by boarding up the area to keep others safe. We’ll clean and deodorize the site, including HVAC duct cleaning.

Water damage

Floods, burst pipes, clogged toilets, sewer backup and more can lead to messy water damage in your home. Restoration services will get the water out of your home, clean, and sanitize it. You’ll not only feel more comfortable in your home again, but you won’t have to deal with hazardous messes or foul odours. Firestone Restoration can help you by removing any wet or damaged items from your home. We’ll also dehumidify the space and give it a deep cleaning and drying so you won’t have to worry about mold building up behind your walls.

Mold remediation

Every homeowner dreads finding mold. It is not only unsightly, but it presents a serious health risk to you and your family. If you see signs of mold, you’ll need to contact a restoration company to get a good, thorough clean. Mold quickly spreads, so it’s not something you can afford to leave for a long time. It’s important that you look for a restoration specialist that offers mold remediation. Some companies offer to remove mold from your home. However, it is very difficult to remove all the mold spores from your space. With mold remediation, we’ll bring down the number of spores to a safe level.

Preparing yourself and your home for emergencies can help you know what to do when disaster strikes. Having a plan is key to staying safe. After you and your family have escaped safely, you’ll need to turn your attention to cleaning up and restoring your property.

Benefits of emergency restoration services

Whether it is water or fire damage, emergency restoration companies know how to clean it up and get you comfortable in your home again. Some of the ways we do that include:

  • Remove damaged items
  • Remove excess water
  • Clear away hazardous material
  • Remove mold
  • Get debris out of your space
  • Sanitize, disinfect and deodorize your home

What to look for in an emergency restoration company

Dealing with disaster can be overwhelming. Having to look for a good restoration company in the middle of it all can feel daunting. Here are some things to look for when searching for a reliable, trustworthy, and experienced emergency restoration professional.

License and certification

Cleaning up after a fire or flood requires special knowledge and skill. Search for a company that requires its employees be licensed and certified as emergency restoration professionals. You want to work with a restoration company that has IICRC certification. It will also be vital if your insurance will cover the emergency restoration services.


Look for an emergency restoration company that has general liability coverage as well as worker’s compensation. It will save you from further trouble if someone gets hurt while cleaning your home or property.


Some of the materials used in the restoration process may come with a warranty. Ask your restoration professional about warranties so you know if it will cost extra. It’s also good to know what is covered under the warranty and how long it will last.


You’ll definitely want to work with a company that has experience in restoration services. As disaster cleanup can differ depending on your location and the type of emergency, search for a company that has local roots. For example, Firestone Restoration has been working in the Ottawa area for over 70 years. We know how to deal with disasters and emergency restoration services.

Extent of the work

Every restoration company has their own approach to cleanup. Talk to your professional about what their services include. Do they perform dry-out services for water damage, or does the company offer deeper solutions like mold removal or remediation? You don’t want to have to hire several restoration companies to get the job done right.


Ask how quickly the company can come out to your property for assessment and cleaning. When you’ve been forced out of your home because of an emergency, it’s understandable you’ll want to get back to normal as soon as you can. Because you never know when a disaster will hit, it’s a good idea to have a restoration company on-call for you.

Finding the right emergency restoration service

After a disaster strikes your home, you’ll want to get your life back to normal as quickly as possible. It can be unnerving to go through an emergency. It is even more unsettling when you cannot return home because of damage.

Because you never know when an emergency will strike, Firestone Restoration is committed to being there for you 24-7. Whether you need restoration services after a fire or flood or you’ve discovered signs of mold in your home, contact Firestone Restoration. We’ll get your home looking as good as new.