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Mold can damage your property and your health. Mold remediation services in Ottawa from FIRESTONE Restoration will take care of any mold smell or problem that you have. We can clean, sanitize and restore your property back to normal.

Mold Remediation ServicesMold is not only unsightly, foul-smelling, and damaging to property, but it's also bad for your health. When there is mold and mildew in your property, it can lead to breathing issues, exacerbate skin conditions, and more. Mold needs to be dealt with swiftly to remove the problems that it can cause. FIRESTONE Restoration specializes in removing mold and restoring your property to its previous condition. Removing mold takes time and effort to prevent the problem from recurring. Our full mold restoration services in Ottawa include cleaning, sanitizing, and removing odors to ensure your home or business is safer and looks better too.

Professional Mold Removal in Ottawa

Removing mold from a property is a time-sensitive issue. The longer you leave the problem, the more time there is for the mold to spread. Mold removal is a difficult task, which is often challenging to tackle using only normal household cleaning products. A professional mold remediation service such as the service from Firestone Restoration is the best way to remove mold and restore your property to its former glory.

FIRESTONE Restoration is a certified IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) company. Our team has been trained and certified in international standards to enable them to produce the best results on any mold remediation, inspection, removal and restoration job that they take on. We combine our expertise with the latest up to date technologies and methods to deliver restoration services for anyone dealing with a mold problem in their property.

The Dangers of Mold

Mold can grow in various locations for different reasons. Different types of mold may grow in certain places when they have the right conditions. You could find mold growing in your home or business due to high levels of moisture, poor ventilation, and other problems that allow mold to grow. Mold can grow in bathrooms, basements, on ceilings, walls, windows, and doors, and on different materials, such as concrete and plaster. Being able to detect different types of mold, treat the problem and restore any damage requires an expert service.

Mold can both damage your property and present a health hazard. Some people may be more sensitive to mold than others, and some types of mold can also be more hazardous than other types. Black mold is one of the most important types to watch out for. It can be very dangerous to have in your home or other buildings.

Mold could cause health problems such as skin irritation or even breathing issues. However, apart from the potential health issues, it is also unsightly and can cause damage to your property. The longer it's left, the more damage could be caused. Mold can also cause bad odors such as musty smells, which aren't pleasant to experience.

Why You Need Mold Remediation

Mold can be tough to remove. Getting rid of it from your home or business might not even be possible with normal household cleaning products. A professional mold removal service will use all of the most effective methods, products, and equipment.

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