Smoke Odor Removal

 smoke odor removalSmoke odor removal services eliminate unwanted smells from tobacco use in your property, adding immediate freshness.

Years of smoking inside a property can change how it smells. Over time, particles from cigarette smoke infiltrate all your fixtures and fittings, leaving a lingering odor, even if you leave the windows open.

Fortunately, smoke odor removal services can help. They use a variety of techniques and cleaning methods to extract odor-producing and dangerous particles from the environment, leaving it smelling fresh, clean and brand new.

How Does Professional Smoke Odor Removal Work?

Masking tobacco odor with fragrances fails to address the problem at the source. Smoke particles continue to outgas into the air, potentially damaging inhabitants’ health.

Therefore, as professional smoke odor removal experts, we use various methods to expunge rooms of unwanted smell-producing particles. We begin by conducting an analysis and evaluation of the affected areas of your property. We then create a smoke removal plan tailored to your need and budget.

After that comes the cleaning process. We begin by thoroughly cleaning all surfaces and using deodorizing agents. Technicians remove the surface layer of tobacco smoke from floors, ceilings, walls and items of furniture meticulously, ensuring full coverage.

Next, we use special technologies to expel smoke odor particles from deeper within materials, such as dry wall or joists. To do this, we use ozone shock treatment. This creates particles that penetrate surfaces and react with tobacco smoke particles, breaking them down into harmless and odorless byproducts. This process is highly effective for hard-to-reach areas.

Following deep cleaning, we apply a sealant to selected surfaces. In some cases, it is safer to simply seal smoke residues inside materials. Sealants lock away odors, preventing them from outgassing into your rooms in the future.

When it is not possible to remove smoke odor from an item, the best policy is to remove and replace it.

Why Use Smoke Odor Removal Services?

Cigarette smoke is a yellowy-brown substance that attaches itself to interior surfaces after smoking. A bit like the condensed fat around your kitchen extractor fan, it is notoriously sticky and difficult to remove.

If cigarette smoke simply smelled bad, it wouldn’t be so much of a problem. However, it is also extremely damaging to health. According to estimates, cigarette smoke contains more than 7,000 chemicals, forty of which are directly associated with cancer development, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. It can also lead to worsening of respiratory conditions, such as asthma.

People can engage in passive smoking both by standing close to someone who is smoking, or inhaling smoke particles outgassed from rooms that hosted smoking in the past.

Smoke particles also change the appearance of your rooms. After prolonged cigarette smoke usage, carpets, bedding, clothes, and upholstery all start looking yellowy-brown.

Lastly, smoking can infiltrate your HVAC which, in turn, can spread particles throughout a building. Odors may disturb occupants or neighboring homes, townhouses or apartments.

Ultimately, smoke odor removal services address all these issues. Our team of highly-trained technicians renders your rooms smoke-free, removing chemicals that cause unwanted smells, discoloration and health problems.

Choose FIRESTONE Restoration

Odors from fires or cigarettes can persist in your interior spaces for years. Smoke gets deeply embedded in materials making it virtually impossible to remove via conventional DIY methods.

Fortunately, FIRESTONE is here to help. We use gentle solutions that eliminate odor-producing molecules. Fine sprays penetrate all of the porous surfaces in your rooms, eliminating unwanted smells and odors at the source.

Critically, we don’t just cover up odors with fragrances. While that might mask the odor, it doesn’t eliminate the health risk or improve the appearance of your property.

We also avoid using harsh chemicals. The cleaning products we use are safe, meaning that you can use them if you have pets. You don’t have to worry about the effects of our treatment on their health. Our methods are suitable for dogs and cats.

Ultimately, we’re passionate about our smoke odor removal services. We complete every job to the highest standards, making sure that we keep up to date with the latest and most advanced processes and methods. Based in Ottawa, we’re proud of the work we do in the local community, removing smoke particles from homes that could be a hazard to health.

Contact FIRESTONE Restoration today by phone or email, or get in touch with us directly via our website’s online form to learn more about our smoke odor removal.

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