Pet and Animal Odor Removal

Pet and Animal Odor Removal Odor removal services from FIRESTONE Restoration keep your residential or commercial property smelling fresh, even after exposure to pets and animals.

Pets and animals can produce strong smells, both directly, and as a result of their activities on the bacterial ecosystem of a room. As such, it can be embarrassing to invite guests to stay or entertain clients on your premises. Dogs, cats, rodents and other animals can leave behind annoying, putrid smells that damage first impressions.

Fortunately, FIRESTONE Restoration’s pet and animal odor removal services can help. We tackle virtually any smell-related problem, freshening up your property in a single treatment.

Our team of highly-trained technicians get to work immediately, cleaning all surfaces and materials, and eliminating the source of any smells. Once they complete the work, your interiors will be fresh once more. Use our services as one-offs or hire us periodically if you need to remove pet and animal odors regularly.

How Pet And Animal Odor Removal Works

At FIRESTONE Renovation, we operate a systematic pet and animal odor removal process, designed to deal with smell-related issues once and for all. We begin with a simple analysis of your situation, evaluating the current condition on your property and why it smells. We then consult with you about the types of animals the property hosts and your freshness goals. This way, we can better plan the type of odor removal methods required.

Urine tends to cause the strongest and longest-lasting odors in the home. Therefore, our technicians use UV blacklights to detect urine stains on the floors and walls. We also use hydrometers to look for moisture in concrete, baseboards, drywall or subfloor, allowing us to penetrate beneath the surface.

Once we identify the sources of odors in your property, we then begin the process of removing them. Our methods do not mask smells with fragrances. Instead, we use cleaning methods that break down odor-generating particles, rendering them odorless. The technologies we use are safe on a wide array of materials, including carpets, rugs and upholstery.

Why Remove Pet And Animal Odor?

Pet odor isn't just unpleasant; it is also a potential liability. The substances that cause pet odor usually come from bacteria or toxic substances, potentially putting inhabitants at risk. Microbes multiply on pet waste, leading to increased risk of infection for both humans and animals.

Removing pet and animal odor also enables you to maintain a clean and hygiene facility. Dogs and cats that visit your premises, will feel more welcome and won’t be so worried about other animals marking their territory.

For businesses, pet odor removal improves reputation. Customers and colleagues will see that you run hygienic premises, even if you host animals regularly.

Why Choose FIRESTONE Restoration For Pet And Animal Odor Removal?

Living with pet or animal odors in your property is both unpleasant and embarrassing. Guests, customers, and colleagues may all judge you negatively if there is a lingering smell in your property.

Unfortunately, pet and animal odors can be tough to remove. Urine-soaked carpets and upholstery are difficult to clean and, in many cases, it can be hard to locate the source of the smell. Urine damage on carpets is easy to see, but detecting it on baseboards, stone, grout, concrete, hardwood, drywall and sub-flooring is significantly more challenging.

Fortunately, FIRESTONE Restoration is here to help. We use potent cleaning products and methods to eliminate the odors at the source. Our team scans your property for tell-tale signs of odor-causing stains and then eliminates them with neutralizing products. We annihilate the smell, preventing it from coming back.

There are so many reasons to choose us. For instance, we offer bespoke treatment plans designed to meet your specific animal odor control needs. We tailor our approach, depending on the source of the unpleasant smell.

We also use products designed to be safe for pets. Therefore, pets and animals can return immediately after we finish cleaning.

With our in-home consultations, you can explain precisely the type of odor control services you need. Just provide us with all the details, and we will get on with the job.

Lastly, we offer affordable pricing. Getting fast treatment that eliminates foul odors is cost-effective when you come to us.

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