Medical And Dental Office Sanitizing Or Disinfecting Is Crucial

Professional office sanitizing and Disinfecting

Running any business is a big responsibility and requires you to do your best for your staff and customers daily. At the core of this responsibility is the need to take care of the welfare, health, and safety of everyone who has contact with your business while using it. While all companies may require this need for office sanitizing protection, it is especially crucial when you run a medical or dental office.

The past couple of years has highlighted the need to take the spread of disease seriously. Seeing how the COVID-19 pandemic quickly spread through the world with devastating results shows how serious infectious can be and how easily they can be transmitted. Keeping your medical or dental office sanitized and regularly disinfected can play a crucial role in preventing a repeat of a situation like the pandemic from occurring again.

This YouTube video, produced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), shows how viruses can quickly spread from surfaces to people. 

Patients Expect a High Level of Hygiene

After the pandemic, people are aware of the need for hand hygiene and general disinfection now more than ever before. This increased awareness of the spread of germs and disease and a desire to protect themselves and loved ones from contracting an infection means that many people practice high hygiene levels.

As they take care to sanitize their hands and disinfect items more than ever, they expect this same cleanliness from their medical professionals and offices. So, when your patients come to their consultations, seeing your offices looking immaculately clean is the minimum they expect. So, to meet your patient’s heightened awareness of hygiene, you must ensure that your offices are sanitized and disinfected thoroughly.

Office Sanitizing Or Disinfecting Provides a Healthy Environment

When you run a medical or dental office, it is crucial that your services benefit the health of your patients rather than harm them. So, as well as offering the highest quality treatments that enhance the health and well-being of your patients, you also need to ensure that you provide an environment that does the same.

Patients expect a dental or medical office to be where they can feel safe and free from harm, including the risk of picking up a disease during their visit. 

More than simply cleaning your dental or medical offices is required to ensure that you have your patients’ trust. To create a perfectly sanitized and hygienic environment, you need to call in extra help and have your building professionally disinfected.

Office Sanitizing Or Disinfecting Limits Spread of Disease

To create a spotless and healthy environment anywhere, including a flooring company in Ottawa or even a restaurant, you also need to take steps to limit the spread of disease. As well as looking clean, your medical and dental offices must be clean to more than just the naked eye. So, as well as ensuring the floors are mopped and free of grime, you must ensure every touch point is regularly disinfected.

Some areas of your offices will be frequent touch points. This means that many people will come into contact with them while they are using your building. These frequent touch points include surfaces such as your reception desk, door handles, and elevator buttons. If any of these touch points become contaminated with a disease, it can quickly spread throughout the building as more and more people encounter it throughout the day. 

Thorough office sanitizing and disinfection of your dental and medical offices is the only way to take effective action to prevent the spread of diseases throughout your business.

Reduce Staff Absence

When illness spreads through your business, it can significantly impact your business. You will likely need to deal with high levels of staff sickness. In turn, this puts extra pressure on your remaining employees to work harder and can impact the quality and level of service your patients receive. 

Office Sanitizing Avoids Unnecessary Closures

If you have a large amount of staff sickness throughout your offices, you may even need to resort to closing your business and rescheduling appointments for a later date. Needing to close your business due to staff illness can have a significantly negative impact on your company.

A closure will lead to a dramatic loss of income for the days you cannot open and will also create extra pressure and work when you can reopen. This is because you must fit in all the rescheduled appointments missed during the closure.

Protects Your Business Reputation

No dental or medical offices want to cancel patient appointments, as they understand how this can negatively impact their patients and cause many inconveniences. But, as well as causing inconvenience for patients, and a loss of income for your business, closing due to sickness can also damage your reputation.

As a medical business concerned with taking care of people’s health, the last thing you want is for your offices to be at the center of an outbreak of illness. To ensure that this situation does not happen, it is crucial to sanitize your offices regularly to create a healthy environment for your team and your patients.

How We Can Help with Office Sanitizing Or Disinfecting

Here at Firestone Restoration, we understand the importance of cleaning your medical and dental offices. More than ever, ensuring a building that protects your employee's and your patient’s health and well-being is crucial. For these reasons, we offer office sanitizing services focused on delivering the highest quality office sanitizing and cleaning for your offices.

We aim to deliver complete customer satisfaction for all our clients, so you can be sure that you are safe. Our office sanitizing experts are highly qualified, and we are IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Cleaning) certified. So, we always clean using the latest technology and methods to deliver the best quality office sanitizing and cleaning for your offices. Contact us today to get started