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Odor Removal services from FIRESTONE Restoration in Ottawa offer a variety of specialized services, including vehicle and car odor removal, so you can be more comfortable driving in your vehicle.

Vehicle and Car Odor RemovalDo you have an unwelcome odor in your vehicle? No problem — FIRESTONE Restoration is here to help. We’re experts in vehicle and car odor removal and will ensure that you no longer have to live with unpleasant smells when you’re driving around town. Over the years, we’ve built a stellar reputation for delivering high-quality service and outstanding customer service. We’re an independent business with a long history in the area — and that’s why we’re the go-to vehicle and car odor removal specialists in Ottawa. 

Improve Your Driving Experience

Bad smells ruining your driving experience? Put the fun back into getting behind the wheel by getting rid of those funky odors that can turn a lovely trip into a nightmare for you and your family. Many of us take the time to ensure that the exterior part of our vehicles is clean and that the interior part is free of trash, but we don’t always think about the odor of the vehicle — and, after time, that can develop into a bad smell. With our help, you can say goodbye to funky car odors and hello to a clean and fresh vehicle. 

The Benefits of Vehicle and Car Odor Removal

Not sure whether it’s worth taking the time to have your vehicle odors removed by a professional team? Just check out some of the benefits:

Eliminate Odors

Why live with odors when you don’t need to? Upgrade your driving experience with our vehicle and car odor removal.

Kill Mold and Other Bacteria

Does your vehicle smell damp? That’s not so good for you but could be good for mold and mildew growth. By getting rid of odors, you’ll be killing mold spores and helping to preserve the quality of your vehicle’s interior.

Purify the Air

If your vehicle has an odor, you probably don’t want to be breathing whatever it is all day long. A deep clean will purify the air from toxins and bacteria, making it better for you and your family’s health. 

The Fresh Car Smell

It’s so much nicer driving in a car that smells fresh and clean rather than one that smells dirty. A deep odor removal will have your vehicle feeling and smelling clean for a long time.

Boost the Resale Value

Looking to sell your vehicle? Don’t let odors knock thousands off the asking price. By taking the time to remove odors, you’ll be pushing your car’s resale value in the right direction. 

Why Cars Get Odors 

People expect to have odors in their homes because they spend so much time there, but they don’t expect to have them in their vehicles. But it does happen — in fact, if you have had your vehicle for long enough, it will happen.

It’s a good idea to think of your vehicle as an extension of your home — the things that can influence the smell of your home, like smoking or food, can also impact the smell of your vehicle. Pets, cigarette smoke, mold, and food and drink spillages can all result in less than pleasant odors.

Remove Odors, Don’t Just Cover Them Up

People try the DIY approach when it comes to getting rid of odors in their vehicles. And by that, we mean they think a car air freshener will do the job! But it won’t — they only cover the smell; they don’t actually remove the smell completely. Our professional, expert processes ensure the auto odor will be gone once and for all by using Ozone Shock treatment. 

FIRESTONE Restoration: Service You Can Rely On

We’re not the only vehicle and car odor removal service in Ottawa — but we are the best. How do we do it? One, we take the time to learn the best processes, which means we get the best results. Two, we care about our community and want to ensure that we deliver the best possible service, every single time. When you hire us for your odor removal project, you’ll see why we are the best auto odor removal service providers in the Ottawa area.

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