Restaurant, Bar, and Hotel Odor Removal

FIRESTONE Restoration provides expert odour removal services for a variety of commercial properties, including restaurants, bars and hotels. After all, your reviews should be about the quality of services you offer, not any odor that might be present!

Whenever a customer steps through the door, you want to WOW them. After all, this is one of the easiest ways to ensure high-satisfaction rates, which in turn will increase your earning potential quite considerably.

However, while they should be blown away by the delicious dishes on your menu, or the wide range of drinks available at your bar, they should not be blown away by lingering, unpleasant smells, especially as this will likely encourage them to take their custom elsewhere.

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To put it simply, bad smells are costing you money, and you need to deal with them sooner rather than later. After all, if you’ve noticed an odor problem within your business - it's likely that your customers have done so too.

What are the causes of bad odors in my business?

There are many reasons why you may have begun to notice an unpleasant smell throughout your business, as they can accumulate quite quickly. For example, this could be due to:

  • Food storage or disposal issues.
  • Plumbing issues.
  • Mold/mildew.
  • Smoking indoors.
  • Dust buildup.
  • Poor cleaning habits.

Why do I need to address bad odors in my business?

There are some smells that people love to be surrounded by; such as the smell of some delicious food, or their favorite perfume. There are others that they will actively try to get away from - meaning that if they are present in your business, you’re actively turning away earning opportunities.

However, unpleasant odors could also suggest that health and hygiene standards in your business have fallen below an acceptable rate. This means that you could be actively putting the health of your customers and staff at risk.

Address Bad Odors Quickly.

As mentioned above, a bad smell is sometimes an indication of more severe maintenance issues within your property or a sign that you simply need to conduct a thorough cleaning. Either way, these issues must be addressed sooner rather than later so that you are able to get to the bottom of the problem before it can develop further. This way you can ensure your business stays up and running for years to come.

At FIRESTONE restoration, we provide our customers with a range of odor removal services, including:

  • Restaurant and bar ordor removal.
  • Smoke odor removal.
  • Cooking odor removal.
  • Must basement odor removal.

As you’ll likely expect a large volume of customers to flow through your business on a daily basis, managing unpleasant smells should be your number one priority. After all, unpleasant smells such as smoke residue are likely to mask the delicious smell drifting from your kitchen, making for an unpleasant dining experience (and negative reviews). Thankfully, our expert team is here to help!

We have a variety of techniques on hand to tackle any unpleasant odors you may be dealing with. For example, we may choose to remove odors through:

  • Thermal fogging/wet fogging.
  • Disinfecting.
  • Enzyme treatments.
  • Specialized high-powered ozone shock treatments.

As each project we tackle is different, we’ll decide upon the best method of action upon closer inspection of your property and the issue at hand. We’ll always do right by our customers by choosing the most practical and cost-effective approach - leaving your business odor-free in no time. This will reduce your stress levels quite considerably, as you can go back to doing what you do best: running a fantastic business.

Furthermore, we can also arrange to carry out all projects at a time that is convenient for you, (i.e., outside of operational or peak business hours) meaning we won’t interrupt the daily running of your business.

Dealing with an Odor Problem? Get in touch with FIRESTONE Restoration today.

If you’re ready to tackle the odor problem at your business, we’re here to help you every step of the way - from your initial inquiry right through to the completion of the project.

Each member of our team has received IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration) certification, which means we’re experts in maintaining high levels of sanitation throughout commercial and residential businesses. They’re also equipped with only the highest-quality tools and equipment to get the job done. This way, all projects are handled quickly and within a pre-agreed time frame.

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